BSB40320 Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business eBook

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The Certificate IV resource meets all the required competencies of the Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business BSB40320. The reader is able to easily navigate the eBook, annotate it, use hyperlinks to relevant websites, and highlight important points in the text to enhance the learning experience. It comes with a Download (available from this website) containing Activities Financial Tables, Business Plan Proforma and a Business Plan Checklist (all which can be completed digitally). NEIS candidates can access financial tables over two years.

This resource covers the cores units: BSBESB401, BSBESB402, BSBESB403 and BSBESB404; and six elective units: BSBESB301, BSBESB406, BSBESB407, BSBINS401419, BSBMKG434 and BSBOPS404.

The resource is presented in 6 modules, which cover content relevant to the elements of the specified units. It includes many examples and case studies; checklists and summary tables. A Further Information section provides up-to-date web listing and information relevant to small business. A comprehensive glossary, and book-marked table of contents is included.

This is a second edition of the resource (BSB Release 7.0).


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