Small Business Resources

The Features and Benefits of our Resources

All IBR products follow our rigorous development procedures to ensure a high standard throughout. Our resources are:

  • Industry Endorsement: IBR undertakes to meet minimum Industry Quality Standards with excellence. Our products endeavour to meet quality assurance criteria and national training benchmarks. They meet exhaustive in-house quality requirements and we can assure you of an industry-based product that meets Training Package guidelines.
  • Comprehensive: the products are complete packages, which provide a step-by-step guide for implementation. Each product gives the program coordinator/trainer assessment materials, assessment keys, a record of assessment, an assessment overview, professional development material including overhead transparencies, and additional tools to expand delivery choices.

  • Current: the information provided in each product is up-to-date, reliable and relevant.

  • Industry-driven: the content is based on extensive research in the marketplace.

  • A tried and tested product: extensive piloting of all content and delivery styles is undertaken to ensure it is appropriate for today's marketplace.

  • A quality product: all products are developed by small business training and education experts. They were recognised in the TAFE and Vocational Other Category of The Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing in 1998 (NEIS Resources) and in 2000 (Certificate III/IV in Small Business Management Resources). In 2002 the resources for the Small Business Domain of the Business Services Training Package were the winners in the TAFE and Vocational Teaching and Learning Package category.

  • User-friendly: all products are developed in such a way that they allow easy use by participants and trainers alike, while ensuring adherence to competency-based principles and the identified needs of training package implementation.

  • Flexible: our products allow flexibility between the Business Services Training Packages and other endorsed packages. Small and Micro Business unit products can be utilised within many business services qualifications.

  • Suitable for optional delivery choices: all learner resources and assessment materials have been successfully implemented in various delivery formats including open learning, class-based and flexible delivery. The information provided allows you to customise the learner resources and assessment materials to your choice of delivery.

  • All-in-one: participants do not need to purchase additional references. Our resources fully cover the unit outline and all performance criteria.

  • Priced competitively: there are no hidden costs. Products are priced competitively to ensure they are appropriate for implementation into your training program.

  • Backed by customer service: we are available for consultation at any time. Regular courtesy calls are made to clients to obtain feedback on our programs and resources. Feel free to contact us regarding any issues, concerns, or points of clarification.