Innovative Business Resources is one of Australia’s largest providers of small business management resources and publications.

We service a significant number of small business programs within Australia and have been recognised for the quality of our resources through The Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing.

Our reputation for excellence is based on:

  • developing small business products in consultation with industry experts and the small business community.
  • providing quality-based educational resources to ensure professional delivery of programs at a competitive price.
  • aligning ourselves and working with centres of influence to ensure our products receive support within the training and business community.

The IBR mission is straightforward. To excel in the quality of our products and to work strategically with those in the marketplace in order to further advance the delivery of small business training.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to quality and service, and strategic alliances with leaders in training delivery, has ensured that IBR products are recognised and utilised in the field of small business training at a national level.

IBR assists clients in the delivery of small business management training through comprehensive resources and integrated support products. This ensures that our clients achieve excellence in their training role within the world of training packages.

Innovative Business Resources are unique and effective for four reasons:

  • Resources are developed by small business people for small business people.
  • Quality auditing by professionals and then piloting within the training marketplace ensures the highest standards of delivery.
  • Resources are based on Training Package guidelines which ensures consistency with the needs of the training marketplace.
  • Trainers are provided with opportunities to gain additional support materials to keep up to date and meet their needs.

About The Directors

The directors involved in Innovative Business Resources are Dr Regina Gaujers and Gail Warrilow.

Regina has had extensive involvement in education and training and holds a doctorate in Education. She has been a small business owner involved in the development and publishing of educational and training resources for more than 30 years. Over that time she has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in small business management. Regina has been writing both curricula and text materials in the area of small business since 1997, focusing on the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme and broader small business training markets.

Gail has extensive experience within education and training, having taught in both the secondary school and TAFE systems for over twenty years, and coordinated one of the largest small business NEIS contracts in Western Australia. She holds qualifications in education and computing, has facilitated on a number of small business training programs, and managed a training organisation specialising in small business. Gail brings a wealth of management and small business experience to her role as director.